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'Serendipity' has organized different activities over the years to foster an artistic culture in Hong Kong and Contribute to Society through Art.  Among these activities were three exhibitions for charity to showcase our Advisors and Members’ work.  We were able to raise funds to support the wellbeing of senior citizens, deaf student education as well as whole person development for children of underprivileged families.   We hope that the artwork featured in the Gallery below will find its way into your heart as every purchase will help to Contribute to Society through Art.

「隨意雅聚」自成立已來曾舉辦各項藝文活動,服務社群, 以藝術回饋社會。當中包括三個慈善展覽,除展出我們的顧問和會員作品更成功籌集善款支助長者福利,聽障學童教育更為基層家庭兒童提供學習支援、德育品格和全人發展。「隨意雅聚」希望你欣賞以下畫廊中展出的藝術品之餘也慷慨解囊,與我們一起以藝術回饋社會。