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Trio - WONG Kam Luen

Trio - WONG Kam Luen

三人行必有我師 黃錦綸

Mr. WONG Kam Luen’s painting Trio is indeed intriguing. It was love at first sight for the hostess of East Cottage and Trio was quickly added to her collection. “It features chrysanthemums, one of the four plants known as the ‘Four Gentlemen’ in Chinese art,” she said. “The flowers are leaning on a wine bottle covered with drawings of lofty mountains and flowing water, implying a noble friendship. In the painting are also three wine glasses but only two crabs, missing the self in the Trio - a profound insight on modesty.” The arrangement of the three glasses warrants more thoughts.  This is not a form of perspective drawing.  It was the painter’s deliberate attempt to depict one’s insignificance compared to his teachers by arranging the largest one at the back.   It could also imply that teachers are not ranked by seniority. This is undoubtedly a rare piece of Chinese painting that combines form with content.


題字: 三人行必有我師

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