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Baa Baa Sheep Farm - Emily L

Baa Baa Sheep FarmEmily Law

青青草原 - 羅肇婷

The Qing Jing Farm in Taichung, located 1750 m above sea level is fondly nicknamed the “Baa Baa Sheep Farm.” It features European style buildings, making it an interesting site for nature sketching. May in Taichung, is the season of change where Spring meets Summer. Emily Law went there with her fellow classmates. They experienced the laughter of good company, the joy of witnessing the coming and going of fog and the clear blue sky, the opportunity to translate their observation onto their sketch books. Emily has training both in Western and Chinese painting. This painting is a good demonstration of how she made the best use of both skill sets to depict a European setting with Chinese brush strokes and paint.



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