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冰川的啟示。黃錦綸老師作品。 Inspired by nature, a painting by Mr. WONG Kam Luen.

Sketching has almost become a habit for most painting enthusiasts. A sketch book and pencils have made their way into the packing list. Indeed, spending time in sketching a scene would leave a much stronger memory than just a quick snap of pictures. We have been taught to be selective in doing our sketches. This point is particularly important if we only have limited time to do a quick sketch. To be selective, isn’t that a principle that can also be applied in life? It is not uncommon to be met with frustration or even failure if one tries to do too many things at one time. 

自從習畫以後,畫友也漸漸多了寫生。出外旅遊時也慣性的帶了畫簿 、炭筆。 的確 ,寫生留下的印象, 會比攝影更深刻。老師教我們寫生時要有取捨,不要祈望什麼都畫進去,這一點在速寫時更是重要。 現實生活裹,也不外如是吧。集中做 一些應做、可做的事即可。 若果什麼都 去做的話,可能只會力倍功半,甚或是一事無成。 

Sketch by Alice Ngan, Kotor, Montenegro.

畫作:顏文慧, Kotor, Montenegro.

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