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Red Camellia - Teacher, Pau Mo Ching, 

Serendipity Seal Caving -

Pau Mo Ching

隨意雅聚印章 - 鮑慕貞

Serendipity is very honoured to receive this wonderful seal from Ms Pau Mo Ching. Ms Pau advised that as with all disciplines, it is important to have a solid foundation after which creativity must flow freely. This seal is made of Laos stone and takes after the style of ancient carving. A piece of art intertwined with thoughts, structure, fine tuning and SERENDIPITY.

隨意雅聚喜獲鮑慕貞老師贈送一枚印章。鮑老師說:”書畫篆刻,初學,注重的是基礎功。過了這關,卸下武裝,隨意而為就好。 此印取材老撾石, 式仿古璽。文字,邊欄,或空間相互倚靠,但不覺拘謹。邊刻邊微調,有點考慮又有點隨意之作。”

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