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白頭鶲西府海棠 - 李鳳公

Lee Fung Kung

白頭鶲西府海棠 - 李鳳公

學國畫的人士, 除了要多練習之外,也要學懂如何讀畫。以李鳳公老師一幅白頭鶲西府海棠介紹一下如何讀畫。首先是要了解畫作的構圖 、佈局 。畫中 主題賓主的關係。 白頭翁嘴爪有力是這幅畫的當然主角。 西府海棠的瀟灑自然,來自花葉的巧妙穿插. 要留意的是那樹枝雖很纖幼卻是很有韌力。 要做到這個效果用筆要有快有慢,有提有按,有行走,有停頓。 最後當然要留意色彩的運用,濃淡的變化,作品才能有活潑生動的感覺,不致呆滯。

It is important to learn how to study a painting to advance one’s painting skill. An example is provided herewith by studying the painting by Master Lee Fung Kung. Let’s look at the composition and the arrangement of the painting and the relative relationship of the bird and the flowers. The bird, with its hard beak and strong claws would be the obvious focus while the flowers provide a harmonious backdrop. A care-free impression is provided by the flowers because of the way the leaves and the flowers are “casually” criss-crossing each other through the painting. Turning our attention to the bark which is think but yet tenacious. How can one do that? By controlling the pace, the pressure and the dampness of the paint brush. Finally, look carefully at the thick and thin of colours which provides liveliness which cannot be achieved by a bland brushstroke.

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