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The Flow (1962 × 1168 mm Website Banner) Draft v1.png

“The Flow”

September 22-25, 2023, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


“The Flow” is Serendipity’s fourth charity exhibition organized to Contribute to Society through Art.  In past years, Serendipity has supported the well-being of senior citizens, deaf students, sick children and sponsored the academic and personal development of children of low-income families while at the same time promoting artistic culture in Hong Kong. We are pleased to advise that Jing Yuan Charity Foundation will match the donation raised through this Exhibition to provide meal box to underprivileged senior citizens and families.  If enough fund is raised,  we would also be able to support dental care for these senior citizens.


In addition to exhibiting the work of eight of our members and our three advisors, Dr. CHUI Pui Chee, Ms PAU Mo Ching and Mr. WONG Kam Luen, we have also invited Dr. Anthony P YIM to join us this time.

For the last few years, members of Serendipity had not been able to meet due to Covid. Earlier this year, as life began to return to normal in Hong Kong, some of us happily got together. Without planning, Dr Anthony P Yim spontaneously created a work by pouring acrylics during one of the gatherings. The natural flow and blending of the colours not only marked the happy occasion but also illustrated how art could be created. We have decided to use the artwork as our poster as it fits perfectly with the title and theme of the exhibition, “The Flow”.

This exhibition will feature elegant classical Chinese paintings, calligraphy and seal carvings as well as colourful new ink paintings and multi-media creations.  Serendipity hopes the art donated for sale will find its way into your heart as every purchase will help to Contribute to Society through Art.


Alice Ngan

Chairman,  Serendipity

June 22, 2023

Total / 共: (204)

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