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The Flow (1962 × 1168 mm Website Banner) Draft v1.png

“The Flow”

September 22-25, 2023, Hong Kong Cultural Centre


Close to 500 people attended “The Flow” art exhibition for charity which closed on Sep 25, 2023 at the Hong Kong Cultural Center.   Many visitors spoke highly of the artwork presented and the fine arrangement of the Exhibition.  Some joined Serendipity to contribute to society through art by donation.  With the match funding provided by Jing Yuan Charity Foundation we would be able to provide more than 3000 meal boxes to underprivileged senior citizens and families. We are also able to support basic dental care for over 50 of these senior citizens with treatments on fillings and simple extraction.   Serendipity, linking art and society together.  See the video for a tour of the Exhibition.


Please continue to visit our website and join us to “Contribute to Society through Art” .   Please contact us if you are interested in any of the artwork or wish to make a donation.

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