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2023 Sep 22-25 “The Flow” Art Exhibition for Charity held at the HK Cultural Centre 「隨意墨緣」慈善書畫展 2023年9月22-25日 香港文化中心

Close to 500 people attended “The Flow” art exhibition for charity which closed on Sep 25, 2023 at the Hong Kong Cultural Center. Many visitors spoke highly of the artwork presented and the fine arrangement of the Exhibition. Some joined Serendipity to contribute to society through art by donation. With the match funding provided by Jing Yuan Charity Foundation we would be able to provide more than 3000 meal boxes to underprivileged senior citizens and families. We are also able to support basic dental care for over 50 of these senior citizens with treatments on fillings and simple extraction. Serendipity, linking art and society together. See the video for a tour of the Exhibition.

Visit our website: and join us to “Contribute to Society through Art” .Please contact us if you are interested in any of the artwork or wish to make a donation.

「隨意墨緣」慈善書畫展於本年9月25日在香港文化中心展覽完畢,有近500人次參觀。 不少參觀者對展出的藝術作品及大會安排予以高度評價, 部分參觀者更大解善囊,支持善舉。 是次展覽籌得的善款獲淨緣慈善基金以「一對一」的形式配對,派發超過3000個飯餐予弱勢長者及家庭。善款更可為50多名基層家庭之長者提供基本牙科服務,包括補牙及簡單拔牙。這是「隨意雅聚」又一次成功藉藝術回獻社會的善舉。 歡迎透過視頻參觀我們的展覽

請瀏覽本會網站 並支持本會「以藝術回饋社會」的願景。 如欲收藏網站上任何作品或捐款,請與本會聯絡。


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