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Anthony P Yim, MD

Photo Anthony Yim.jpg

As an alumnus of both Cambridge and Oxford, Anthony pioneered the early development of keyhole surgery of the chest which revolutionized the way chest surgery is currently practised.

He developed Parkinson's Disease in the mid-2010s which forced him to give up surgery he loved. Instead of lamenting over his loss, he picked up painting and discovered his true passion in life was in art. With his usual self-determination, perseverance, highly innovative mindset, together with his long, extensive experience as a surgeon, he was able to see the world in a totally new perspective and expressed this in his art. He is daring in his exploration of new media which has become his style. These include mirrors, glass, acrylic sheets, sand, etc.  To him, art is not just about the end product, but rather a journey of self-cultivation, a vehicle to take one to explore, understand and accept oneself in search of one's true identity. His life philosophy is well reflected in his work. For example, his preference for using a shiny or reflective medium is to emphasize perspectives.

In 2018, Anthony published his first art album, My Second Career containing over 200 pieces of his work. He has had many highly successful solo exhibitions.  His work can be seen in many public places like The Chelsea, The Beacon, a private club and Woo Sing College, CUHK. His experience inspires us all to embrace life challenges with grace and dignity

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